Take your life back – it’s in your hands.

Once upon a time long ago in Arabia there was a kid, and he’d heard about a wise man who knew the answers to everything, he’d heard about this man from friends, he’d heard about him at school, and he’d read about him. This wise man used to travel around to towns and people would all come from miles around to see him, they’d ask him questions about something that was troubling them, or the solution to a problem, and he always seemed to know the answer. Well the kid had heard that this wise man would be in a town nearby on Sunday, and he’d be in the town square answering questions. So the kid thought to himself, “I’m going to ask him a question that he certainly won’t know the answer to, what I will do is get a tiny bird and hold it in the palm of my hands so that he can’t see it and then I’ll ask him is it alive or is it dead, if he says it’s alive I’ll crush it, and if he says it’s dead I’ll open my hands and let it fly away, what ever the wise man says will be wrong, and then people will see that he doesn’t know the answers to everything”.

So the kid found a tiny bird and put it in a cage, he got up early on the Sunday because the town was two hours away on foot, and when he arrived at the town square there was the wise man with a big crowd around him. The kid took the bird out of the cage, so that no one could see and waited patiently while the wise man answered questions, then when his chance came he called out, ” I have a question”, “What is your question?” said the wise man. Noticing the kids cupped hands held out in front of him.

“I have something in my hands, and the question is, is it dead or is it alive?” The wise man looked at the kid, and said nothing for about thirty seconds. ” Is it dead or is it alive?” repeated the kid.

“It’s in your hands?” repeated the wise man

“Yes but is it dead or is it alive, was the question”, said the kid

“And the answer is, it’s in your hands”, repeated the wise man, ” it’s in your hands”.