How to eliminate “fear or anxiety”, in absolutely any situation.

Fear comes from the fight or flight mechanism, it is an inbuilt survival strategy, and it is the reason that certain species survive.
Sometimes in our busy and hectic lives fear may not be an appropriate response, but because it occurs automatically in some situations, people find it difficult to deal with.
Sometimes being relaxed, calm and clear thinking might be a more appropriate and more resourceful state to be in, where you can think logically, weigh up the situation and decide your best options, path, response to take.
The technique that I will describe can be used in any situation, if you use it you will be unable to experience fear, even in a life or death situation, so be clear before you use it whether fear might be appropriate in that situation.
TECHNIQUE : “Make a glob of spit about the size of a piece of chewing gum and keep it on the centre of your tongue”.
If your tongue is wet you can not experience fear. This is a fact, it’s simple but very few people know about it. If someone is having a panic attack it will work, if you had to get into the boxing ring with Mike Tyson it would work, if you were on a plane that was going to crash it would work.
You can not neurologically experience fear if your tongue is kept wet.
So where might you use this technique? It’s up to you to decide, where and whether it is appropriate. Some examples might be,
Panic attacks
Exam nerves
Public Speaking
Getting out of a burning building
In fact any situation where it would pay to be clear headed, it might even save your life.
I have used this technique with many clients, and it always surprises them, just how simple and effective it is.
I hope that this technique has been, and will be useful to you.