How to achieve a big goal.

They say that a mouse can eat an elephant if it does it one bite at a time.
If you have a really big goal, a life ambition, something that is really important to you yet seems daunting, you may be able to achieve it more easily than you might think.

Step 1. Cut the goal down into mini goals, smaller chunks, more easily achievable objectives. Try to make each of these mini goals easily achievable and you will gain confidence / experience / knowledge, as you complete each one, and you will be moving in the right direction, and getting lots of mini wins on the way, which will make the journey more enjoyable too.
Step 2. Put a completion time on each of these mini goals, this will keep you focused, and you will be pacing yourself as you proceed, stretch yourself only as much as is comfortable for your situation, as to your time and resources.
Step 3. Clarify any external resources you might need to reach each goal and plan ahead.
Step 4. Make sure that as you complete each mini goal, that you celebrate each win and reward yourself for a job well done. Give yourself some feedback too by asking these questions – [A] What did I do really well ? [B] If I were to do it again what could I do that would make it even better ? [C] Overall I am moving toward my final goal which is very important to me because ….[ fill in the gap]…. .
Good luck, and I hope your goals and aspirations are achieved. Enjoy the journey and remember to stop and smell the roses on the way.

How to take a ten minute cat nap that feels like a 6 hour sleep.

This is a self hypnosis technique that will enable you to take a 10 minute cat nap that will enable you to awaken feeling refreshed, relaxed, energised, and calm.
If you are tired, need to be clear headed, or know you have a long day, this technique will come in useful for future occasions.
Keep in mind that this technique may take a couple of practice attempts for you to perfect, but once you do it will be a very valuable habit and enable you to relax deeply and very rapidly.
Step 1. Sit in a comfortable chair where you will not be disturbed for this period.
Step 2. Remove your shoes or anything else that you need to do to feel comfortable.
Step 3. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and as you breath out feel yourself sinking into the chair.
Step 4. Instruct yourself silently in your mind – in 10 minutes I will awaken, feeling relaxed, feeling refreshed as though I have had a long and relaxing sleep.
Step 5. Body relaxation – starting with the feet tighten the muscles gently for 3 seconds then slowly relax them. Now the calves of your legs again gently tighten and then relax. Next the upper thighs tighten then relax. Now imagine that relaxation slowly rising through the hips and slowly up to the stomach, moving all the way across. Now imagine that relaxation as though it were a liquid [ choose a colour that to you represents calm ] and picture it slowly filling you up like liquid in a glass, all the way through your chest to your neck, and gently moving down your arms all the way to the tips of each and every finger. And next imagine that the relaxation is like warmth now moving gently up through the neck muscles and jaw, slowly through the cheek’s and all the way to the top of your scalp including your hair. Finally visualise your eyes as though they were two pools of water and someone drops a pebble in creating ripples that are ripples of relaxation moving all the way to the edges allowing your eyes to completely relax.

Now to clear your mind having given yourself the instruction that you will awaken in 10 mins feeling refreshed, calm and as though you have had a long relaxing sleep, anything that comes to mind any thoughts, imagine them written as words on a big blackboard in front of you, but as you see the hand holding the chalk begin to write, immediately see another hand holding a duster wipe the board clean, do this every time a word begins and you will quickly clear your mind of internal dialog, allowing you to be come deeply relaxed.

This technique will take a little practice but will be extremely useful when you master it, it can be used during a break at work, or if you need to relax before a presentation etc.

How to cure insomnia using a simple technique.

This is a powerful technique used by Ray Kroc the onetime owner of a well known fast food chain, so that he could relax his mind fast and fall asleep, he reported that using this process he was able to get by on only 5 hours sleep per night without ever feeling tired. It takes you straight into a deep sound sleep.

If you ever have trouble getting to sleep this technique will work extremely well once you master it and it’s great for relaxing your mind. Just follow the simple step outlined and you will fall into a deep relaxing sleep.

If you are having internal dialog/thoughts, maybe about work or a social situation or whatever you transfer this to the thoughts being written on a blackboard just like the ones that used to be in school, you actually see the hand chalking the word on the board, and as soon as you see the word being written – see another hand with a blackboard eraser wipe the word off the board even before the word has been completed. Just keep doing this every time a word starts that hand with the eraser just wipes the  word away and before you know it you are asleep. Once you develop this habit you will sleep like a baby every time you use it.


Way back in the 1960’s a group of college students decided on a topic for a research project, and the aim of the topic was to highlight , ” what would people do differently, if they had their life to live all over again?” So they decided to go out and interview people who were in retirement. They decided to go to 5 retirement homes and that way they could speak to over 100 people and get a reasonably wide variety of input.
When the group got together at the end of the week they couldn’t believe, almost all the answers they had received were so similar, it was like the same person answering.

All of those interviewed had said that there was nothing that they had done that they regretted, even though some had done some silly things. The one thing that stood out was that if those people could have their time all over again, they would have done more of the silly things, taken more risks, laughed more, eaten more ice cream, climbed more mountains, and just enjoyed themselves more, they all to the last one, regretted that they had not done more of the things that at the time seemed frivolous.

So here is an exercise you might like to try, sit in a comfortable chair where you won’t be disturbed for at least 10 mins. Close your eyes and imagine yourself floating up and out of your body, so that when you look down you can see the “you” sitting in the chair. Now float forward into the future you are above looking down, and you can see the you there in the future at 90 years old. You now float down into the body of that 90 year old you, and look back on your life, all the things you did, and how your life turned out, now ,”if you had that time over again, what would you do differently? and did you achieve the dreams you once had?” Relax for a few mins and absorb what you are thinking, now slowly take in three deep breaths, and on the third breath open your eyes.

I hope that this exercise has given you some insights and may benefit you in some way, they say that with the benefit of hindsight things would have been easier, this exercise seeks to give you , just that.