How to cure insomnia using a simple technique.

This is a powerful technique used by Ray Kroc the onetime owner of a well known fast food chain, so that he could relax his mind fast and fall asleep, he reported that using this process he was able to get by on only 5 hours sleep per night without ever feeling tired. It takes you straight into a deep sound sleep.

If you ever have trouble getting to sleep this technique will work extremely well once you master it and it’s great for relaxing your mind. Just follow the simple step outlined and you will fall into a deep relaxing sleep.

If you are having internal dialog/thoughts, maybe about work or a social situation or whatever you transfer this to the thoughts being written on a blackboard just like the ones that used to be in school, you actually see the hand chalking the word on the board, and as soon as you see the word being written – see another hand with a blackboard eraser wipe the word off the board even before the word has been completed. Just keep doing this every time a word starts that hand with the eraser just wipes theĀ  word away and before you know it you are asleep. Once you develop this habit you will sleep like a baby every time you use it.