How to take a ten minute cat nap that feels like a 6 hour sleep.

This is a self hypnosis technique that will enable you to take a 10 minute cat nap that will enable you to awaken feeling refreshed, relaxed, energised, and calm.
If you are tired, need to be clear headed, or know you have a long day, this technique will come in useful for future occasions.
Keep in mind that this technique may take a couple of practice attempts for you to perfect, but once you do it will be a very valuable habit and enable you to relax deeply and very rapidly.
Step 1. Sit in a comfortable chair where you will not be disturbed for this period.
Step 2. Remove your shoes or anything else that you need to do to feel comfortable.
Step 3. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and as you breath out feel yourself sinking into the chair.
Step 4. Instruct yourself silently in your mind – in 10 minutes I will awaken, feeling relaxed, feeling refreshed as though I have had a long and relaxing sleep.
Step 5. Body relaxation – starting with the feet tighten the muscles gently for 3 seconds then slowly relax them. Now the calves of your legs again gently tighten and then relax. Next the upper thighs tighten then relax. Now imagine that relaxation slowly rising through the hips and slowly up to the stomach, moving all the way across. Now imagine that relaxation as though it were a liquid [ choose a colour that to you represents calm ] and picture it slowly filling you up like liquid in a glass, all the way through your chest to your neck, and gently moving down your arms all the way to the tips of each and every finger. And next imagine that the relaxation is like warmth now moving gently up through the neck muscles and jaw, slowly through the cheek’s and all the way to the top of your scalp including your hair. Finally visualise your eyes as though they were two pools of water and someone drops a pebble in creating ripples that are ripples of relaxation moving all the way to the edges allowing your eyes to completely relax.

Now to clear your mind having given yourself the instruction that you will awaken in 10 mins feeling refreshed, calm and as though you have had a long relaxing sleep, anything that comes to mind any thoughts, imagine them written as words on a big blackboard in front of you, but as you see the hand holding the chalk begin to write, immediately see another hand holding a duster wipe the board clean, do this every time a word begins and you will quickly clear your mind of internal dialog, allowing you to be come deeply relaxed.

This technique will take a little practice but will be extremely useful when you master it, it can be used during a break at work, or if you need to relax before a presentation etc.