How to achieve a big goal.

They say that a mouse can eat an elephant if it does it one bite at a time.
If you have a really big goal, a life ambition, something that is really important to you yet seems daunting, you may be able to achieve it more easily than you might think.

Step 1. Cut the goal down into mini goals, smaller chunks, more easily achievable objectives. Try to make each of these mini goals easily achievable and you will gain confidence / experience / knowledge, as you complete each one, and you will be moving in the right direction, and getting lots of mini wins on the way, which will make the journey more enjoyable too.
Step 2. Put a completion time on each of these mini goals, this will keep you focused, and you will be pacing yourself as you proceed, stretch yourself only as much as is comfortable for your situation, as to your time and resources.
Step 3. Clarify any external resources you might need to reach each goal and plan ahead.
Step 4. Make sure that as you complete each mini goal, that you celebrate each win and reward yourself for a job well done. Give yourself some feedback too by asking these questions – [A] What did I do really well ? [B] If I were to do it again what could I do that would make it even better ? [C] Overall I am moving toward my final goal which is very important to me because ….[ fill in the gap]…. .
Good luck, and I hope your goals and aspirations are achieved. Enjoy the journey and remember to stop and smell the roses on the way.