There is an old story about a family who had twins and one was an optimist, always laughing and happy, the other was a pessimist always complaining and whining. But these two were extreme so the parents went to see a therapist to get some advice on what they might do to get these twins to change so that they were not so extreme.
They told the therapist that they would like the optimist to be a little less happy and the pessimist to be happier sort of both moving to the middle so to speak. The therapist had an idea. “It’s coming up to Christmas,” he said, ” so why don’t you buy the pessimist some really nice presents and that will make him happy, and give the optimist something that he won’t like and that will make him unhappy, that should do the trick to make them more balanced.”
So early on Christmas morning the parents were awakened by the noise coming from both the twins rooms, they got up and looked through the partially open door of the pessimists room, he was opening the wrapping on a big bike they had bought him, it’s not the colour I like he complained and it’s cheap rubbish he said kicking the bike to the floor, he ripped the wrapping off another present an Apple phone and threw it to the ground smashing it and saying,” that’s not the latest model I wouldn’t be seen dead with that rubbish.” The parents had spent all their money on him and he was kicking the wall and screaming that his Christmas was ruined.
There was hysterical laughter coming from the other room, the parents ran to the optimists room and could see him through the open door. They had filled a large box with donkey dung and wrapped it, he had opened it and was throwing it up the walls laughing and shouting,” yippeee, there is so much donkey dung here, there must be a donkey somewhere.”