How to experience self hypnosis.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be hypnotised?
Follow the simple steps below and you will get an experience of what it feels like.
Before we do let me tell you a little about what hypnosis is, and what you might expect.
Hypnosis is very similar to meditation, the type that you might experience whilst practicing yoga or deep relaxation. It can be like when you are relaxing in a warm bath and your mind just drifts off and you loose track of time.
Hypnosis is very similar to when you are reading a book and become absorbed in the story, almost like you lose yourself in the pages, for a time you imagine yourself to actually be in the story.
Hypnosis is similar to when you are watching a film, when you are so engrossed in the film that if someone is calling you, you don’t hear them calling.

Again if you are really into your music then you know what it’s like when you are listening to your favourite sounds and the way it makes you feel, that is what hypnosis is like.
In hypnosis it can be like you are focusing on one thing only, to the exclusion of everything else, or it can be like you are focusing on nothing – with no internal dialog, just physical and mental calm.
Hypnosis can feel like you are in a deep trance and your body is heavy, or hypnosis can feel like you are floating, feeling weightless, and looking down at yourself from above. Hypnosis can be many different things for different people, and most find it a very empowering state, enjoyable and calming.
Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, it enables you to access the sub-conscious, unconscious, other than conscious part of your mind, the part that you are not normally consciously aware of. Hypnosis can help you relax and gives you access to more of your full potential, usually the more creative you are the better your imagination the easier it will be to access your unconscious mind, yet this can be achieved by anyone with practise.

As you can gather hypnosis can be different in many ways from person to person, yet almost always very relaxing. It will give you more access to the out of conscious part of your mind, the part that does everything for you that you are not normally consciously aware of, such as healing, digestion, blood supply, and the working of all your bodys organs, memory, creativity, insight etc, think of it metaphorically as having more access to the controls and software  on a computer and being able to use more of your own natural potential. In hypnosis you are accessing the healing part of your mind.

All hypnosis is really self hypnosis, the hypnotherapist is really just guiding you, a conduit to your unconscious mind so to speak. If you can master this you will have a gift, a power, a tool that you will be able to use to propel yourself academically, in sport, in business or any field you choose,  well beyond your widest dreams, I can promise you that you will surprise yourself with your own abilities.

Practise the following steps and each time you will find your relaxation and access to self hypnosis gets faster, deeper, and easier to do.

Step 1. Body relaxation – Starting with the feet, gently tighten the muscles hold for three seconds then relax from the tips of your toes to the heals on both feet. Now the calves on both legs tighten gently for three seconds then relax from the heals to the knees. Again with the upper thighs tighten hold now gently relax.

Imagine the muscles in your stomach pulled across tightly like elastic bands, now see then loosening relaxing all the way across from one side to the other, if your eyes are not already closed  allow them to close and picture that relaxation as though it were a liquid slowly coming up from the stomach to the chest like liquid filling a glass, completely all the way out to the edges, and slowly moving down each arm all the way out to the tip of each and every finger, allowing the chest, arms, hands and fingers to just relax.

Next the muscles in the neck feel them softening and allow your head to relax in a position that is comfortable, comfortable for you and imagine that relaxation slowly seeping up over the back of your head, scalp, forehead, and gently moving down over the temples and cheeks, and tracing it’s way round the lips allowing the whole face to  become relaxed. And finally the eyes visualise them as two pools of clear still water and imagine that a pebble had just been thrown in to the centre and the ripples moving from the centre are ripples of relaxation allowing the eyes to completely and totally relax .

Step 2. Mind relaxation, for this I am going to ask you to visualise a relaxing scene, lets make it a beach scene, it’s a private and deserted beach, warm with a very light breeze, the perfect temperature. There is a path leading down to this private beach and at the end of the path there are 10 stone steps leading down to the sand, you are at the top of those 10 stone steps and you are going to slowly walk down them and as you do you can let yourself relax just a little more with every step you take. Starting at the top and taking that first step become aware of the feeling of the steps beneath your feet, taking the second step looking down at the sand on the beach down below and noticing the colour and texture. As you take the third step you become aware of the sound of the waves gently lapping on the sand off in the distance….Now taking your fourth step become aware of the warm temperature of the sun on your face and your hands and how relaxing that feeling is, and as you take your fifth step you will notice that with every breath you breath out you can allow yourself to relax just a little bit more than you were before.

As you take the sixth step you look off into the distance and can see the white of the tiny waves as they break on the sand, and you can see where the sea and the sand meet, and how the water soaks into the sand as the waves fall back gently into the sea. With the seventh step you are becoming aware just how relaxing and calm this beach is.

As you take your eighth step you notice how quiet and still the  warm air is as you take a deep breath in and relax even more deeply as you exhale slowly. Taking your ninth step you become aware of a bench at the foot of the steps that you hadn’t seen before, as you take the tenth and final step onto the beach feeling your feet sink into the soft sand now moving slowly  step by step toward that comfortable bench and sitting down.

As you are resting on that bench close your eyes and relax even more, allow your mind to drift, until you are ready to come back into the now, into the room, slowly counting from ten back to one,  awakening by one – tenth  as you count each number back to one ,feeling yourself coming back slowly, feeling relaxed and fresh, feeling energised and alert, taking a deep breath in… and now … wide awake.

You will find that each time you practise this exercise you relax more quickly, more easily and more deeply.