What do yellow tuna have to do with goal setting?

The sun burned down as the John made his way along the dusty trail to a small cove where a fishing boat had just moored. The fishermen were unloading the biggest yellow fin tuna John had ever seen, and there were hundreds of them on the small boat. The Mexican fishermen were packing them into boxes of ice and stacking the boxes on a concrete loading bay in the cove, obviously they had just had a good catch. The unusual thing was that they were back so early it was only 11.30 am.

John called over to one of the men unloading,” are you the captain ?”he enquired. “That’s me”, said the man smiling. “Well I wanted to know if I can buy one of those tuna for my dinner?” said John. “Sure, just pick one”, replied the captain.

“Can I  ask you a question?” said John. The captain looked at him. “I am on holiday from the USA and I have never seen tuna as good quality as these, do you finish work every day this early, with having caught this many tuna ?” “Yes”, said the captain, “I like to spend time with my family, and so do the crew”. “What time do you start?”, asked John. “Well my typical day is, I get up at around 7.30am take a shower and then have a coffee, while my kids get up and get ready for school, at around 8.30am I walk down to the school with the kids, then I make my way down here to the boat. The crew are usually already here at that bar drinking coffee and reading the newspapers, we set sail at around 9am and we usually get back at between 11.30 and 12am “.

“Do you go back out again for more fish?” said John. “No, we have enough fish for the day”, said the captain. “The men go home when we finish unloading, these fish will be picked up by a truck in about ten minutes, the driver is on his way. Then I go to the café, I have lunch, read my paper, have a coffee, then I will take a leisurely walk home take a nap for a couple of hours and then pick up the kids from school, we collect my wife from the work, and then take the kids to the beach for a swim. ”

“Well I work in New York”, said John, “In a place called Wall Street, and I help people expand their businesses, I have made hundreds of people into millionaires in the last ten years. Imagine if you and your crew worked from say 7am to 5am every day, you could do three to four fishing trips in a day, if you caught say 3 times as much tuna you could soon buy a second boat then a third. You would have enough tuna to open a tuna canning factory. When you open your factory you could then borrow money using the profit to pay off the loan to open the second factory in the USA where you could get much better prices for your fish because we love tuna in the USA. After that when the factory is in full swing and you have supply contracts with major food retailers you would be a very rich man, in fact I could then help you launch your company on the stock  market, you will be a multi millionaire, you will never have to worry about money again, you and your family will be rich.”

“How long is this going to take?” said the captain.  “Well it normally takes around ten years to do something like this”, said John ,” but you are going to have to work really hard and long hours to make it work, and there are no guarantees”.

“And what am I going to do with all that money?”, said the captain. “Anything you want,” said John. “You’ll be able to relax, get up when you want, take the kids to school, have a leisurely walk around town, have your dinner in the café, pick your kids up from school.”