High Performance loop, The 3 step process.

If you would like to improve your performance / productivity / skills, then try out this process for 7 days, the results will amaze you. Whether it’s to improve your golf game, or to do better at your work and get that promotion  you want, or you might be a student studying for an important exam, this flexible and easy to use, “3 step process”, will give you a quantum leap.

Where does this process come from ?

Back in the 1960’s the American forces were looking for the fastest method that could be used to teach new recruits, new skills, the method had to be reliable, easy to teach to instructors and  easy to use for new recruits, and produce guaranteed results. Rather than trying to invent something new they researched what it was that people who got outstanding results already did, they studied the best sports coaches, outstanding business trainers, and teachers with top performing students. And what they found  was a process that right from day one, immediately showed noticeable improvements, and those improvements continued for as long as the process was followed . What they discovered was a constant improvement loop, a virtuous cycle so to speak.

“The 3 step process”.

Step 1. Focus.

You state exactly what you want, your goal / target / objective, must be stated in the positive [ by that I mean what you want and not what you don’t want, for example I want to reach 9 stone is positive, yet I want to loose weight is negative and states what you don’t want [= weight ] . I want to run 100 meters in XX seconds is positive]. The more specific you can be the better, ie: use exact amounts, dates etc, measurable results, so that when you achieve them you can set your next goal. Positively couched – specific- measurable.

Step 2. Action.

You must take action if you want a result, you make sure that you have the resources you require and you take action, because until you action the goal is just a wish. When they questioned the worlds top performing pistol firing champions, they found that the very best ones said that the first shot they fire is just to get feedback on how near to the target they are, and what adjustments they would have to make. Like a trial balloon or a test marketing trial, you need to know where you stand right now, so that you can move forward in the direction you wish.

Step 3. Feedback and adjust.

Again positive feedback = what you did well [ build on your wins ] and what you could do better the next time, small incremental positive and easy to achieve stepping stone goals, all in the right direction will build your confidence and your competence and empower you to grow, at a speed that you dictate and a speed that is comfortable for you.

There you have it, ” The 3 step process”, a cycle that can be started at any of the 3 steps, a cycle that if built in as a habit will serve you in every area of your life, a constant improvement cycle that will empower you to reach your true potential. Trial this process for 7 days and I promise you you will amaze yourself . Good luck, have fun and above all enjoy the journey. Have a great day, from Keith Stammers.